The intrinsic property of human beings is to stick to the material world.

Humans beings survived till today thanks to this intrinsic property. However, the history registers many strange theories ruling specially during the Dark Age and therefore the modern society created science and specially physics to be natural science. However, when I heard that physics propagates disturbances in space, density of space to be different, space is 26-dimensional and so constituents of space are 26-dimensional, time depends from gravity, god's particles rule over the material world (give it mass), they aroused my suspicions of today physics to be on wrong paths. Now, perhaps you think that I am on wrong paths since I do not follow the course of mathematical physics. But consider, many dark theories ruled societies during our history thanks to totalities there. Their pillars were propaganda and inquisition. Today, we may also see just one theory (political or religious) ruling in some states. There exists brainwashing (propaganda) and excluding others for their view (inquisitions). Hence, if my theory is offensive to your physical understanding, then you probably have lost the intrinsic property to stick to the material world. Please find out whether theoretical physics hold the totalitarian manners.

Mathematical physics occupies all positions in theoretical physics and tried to rule to every scientific branch. Only they have access to our society since give the stamp "censored" on papers not following doctrines of mathematical physics.
All scientific media publish only articles that were approved by censorship in physics. Mathematical physics by help parliaments institute schools, esp. universities to fix their theoretical pillars for next generations. Their pillars are: Besides substances of our material world exist other substances which create space for us. Therefore, our space has its density and when is disturbed by substances of the material world, then it changes its density. So created disturbance rules our world since gives us the universal force - gravitation. Gravitation therefore is god of the Universe (according to Stephen Hawking). Has someone explored this density, some company produced equipment that explores the density of space to travel through space (helicopter in a vacuum), and so on? Besides substances creating space for our material world there exist other particles outside of our mass world, which give mass to our material world. They even named it and said that identified it. However, this is against the main rule in science, all existing must keep the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. If this particle gives mass to the particles of matter then this particle must not enter the equation of that collision. If some particle gives mass to entering protons and products of collision then, this particle must be excluded from the balance of that collision. Therefore, if they want to be scientists, they must provide the balance of that collision for us.
The pick of dark in modern science is excluding air resistance from the material world to support the strange theory that time is depending on speed.

Please think twice what media propagate. Whether they follow intrinsic property of humans to stick to our material world, or they stick to other worlds, other spaces, and other particles to rule over our material world.

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